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Since a very early stage of my life I have adored doing makeup so it was obvious to me to choose this as a profession. I have become a cosmetician in Pécs, 2003 and shortly graduated as a makeup artist in Budapest, 2009.


During my work I got the opportunity to work with many celebrities which helped me to gain more skills in this era however I got most of my references at photoshoots and while shooting.


To this day it is my greatest pleasure to get an invitation from a bride as a wedding is truly one of the most important times of a woman’s life. I am honored to be part of such event as a makeup artist.


I am determined to do everyone a unique, beautiful and delicate makeup that meets her expectations and suits her character. I work with professional and durable materials so I guarantee the durability of makeup at all times.


I am proud to say that after 15 years and hundreds of makeup later my profession is still my passion and gives me great joy.

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